Farming Operation - Trails End & Mt Ayr Farm

Both farms are grass based grazing operations that supply the cattle and horses with their main stay diet for 8 months of the year.  We then feed hay when the forage supply in the pastures is depleted.  There are approximately 45 brood cows between the two operations that are bred to calve in April and May each year.  We raise and sell grass finished beef by the whole, half, or quarter.  Orders need to be placed in advance of purchase.  

The horses and mules graze on the pastures for their daily nutritional needs as well.


The pastures are managed in the spring and early summer to accommodate ground nesting songbirds by restricting grazing heights of no shorter than 10 inches.  Then delaying any clipping or mowing of fields until after August 1 so that the songbird broods can mature and move out of the nests.


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